Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Honduras first day, I am safe.

As is to be expected, my life became completely chaotic before I left and everything went wrong. My car storage fell through at the last minute, my ipod froze (and now that I am here, it is empty), I had to move out of where I was in a whirlwind, and I forgot my sunglasses. In any case, I made my flight after getting about 6 hours total sleep in the past 3 days. The flight was at 1:45a.m out of Phoenix, and my head was still spinning with things that should have been done. It is funny, now none of that seems important at all, and it will all work out.
On the flight from Houston, I met an interesting gentleman from DC, who does consulting all over the world, and also lives part time in Costa Rica. Had great conversation and learned of yet another job that sounds exciting and full of variability. After having lunch, learning about the differences between accountability, responsiblity, and authority; I took a bus to Tegucigalpa where I met the Jordans and Elizabeth and we had dinner. Great day, and now I am ready to sleep

Monday, August 28, 2006

The day before my journey

Of course it is past 4a.m. on the night before I leave. I am not completely packed, have a lot of work to do, and still need to move all my belongings from where I live now to my house. I will likely be at work in about an hour, and then need to figure out what I will do when I get to Honduras. Luckily, there are several people I know from Tucson and Slovakia there, so I don't have to plan too much. I never realized what was involved with leaving for a year. That alone has been crazy. Anyway, I am about to start, so I will take a short nap and start packing in the morning.