Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My last few days in Switzerland

I can't do a blog of my adventures and not show pictures of the Alp, where my Grandpa has his cabin (below)

I was back for August 1st, which is Swiss Independence day. There were fireworks everywhere.

Switzerland is also a great place to catch up with family. My cousins (below) and I hitched to a lake party and got there quickly with 2 out of 3 total cars giving us a ride. The ride home took considerably longer, but did give us a ride to their door. It was great hanging out with them.

I was also able to go on an adventure with my old friend Hanspeter. We used to hang out when I visited Summers, and now he is a daddy. Below is a picture of a cliff, with the circled portion indicating where we came out of a cave, for a tremendous view.In order to get into the cave, you have to crawl through this crack, and then abseil into the pitch black hole. It was real adventure. Especially since only a handful of people have ever been inside. Not even my Grandpa knew about it. It was discovered a long time ago by a shepherd, who eventually went into the hole, and discovered a full bear skeleton, which is not in a museum.

Here we are, Hanspeter, me, and his dad. We all managed to squeeze our way to the hole. Then we enjoyed some cheese, salami, and bread. I think we also managed to finish off a bottle of wine.

Getting out of the cave was much tougher, because it inolved pulling yourself up the rope. That, among other things, showed me I am really not in very good shape.

The little red circle should be on this picture, though you may need to click to zoom. one is the entrance, the other the opening in the cliff.

I love the Swiss Mountains. If anyone has a job for me over there, please let me know.

Here is Hanspeter on another short adventure of ours, a different trip, which involved us on a little boat, swimming in the rain, on the lake near his house. We went to a small restaurant and had some fish. It was fun.


At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Alana Marie said...

Your pictures are amazing!!! I went skydiving in Interlaken a year ago and while I was in the plane/free falling I couldn't help wishing I had more time to explore Switzerland.

I love travel blogs- yours is making me jealous!


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