Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Slovakia with Sami

Sami and I went to Slovakia, since he had vacation, and nothing much to do. We had a good time, as usual, with no plans at all before leaving. It was great to run into some old, very motivational friends.
For instance, Ivo Novak, an accomplished Physicist who runs a Pension and is a jack of all trades (above) let us try his home made schnapps. He also rented us some bikes and gave us a good deal on a room. He even took us to Bratislava where we stayed at his place there, had a few drinks, and a good night out.

We just headed off on the bikes, and many roads led to fields, where we made our lunch. It was a great day, but we got pretty dirty.

In the end, since I had sandals and shorts, I was elected to wash the bikes in the river, just outside town.

Ivo took us to his land, which had his fruit trees, his workshop, and his homemade house which conveniently is exactly the volume you can build without a permit. It is an excellent design, with very efficient use of space.

Here we are back in Bratislava, out at a bar where they played AC/DC and other classic hard rock, Sami's kind of music. We watched one guy make the slightest defiant gesture to the a-hole bouncer and get thrown out of there in no elegant fashion. We also had a rough time finding our little apartment, as it was in a big building that all looked the same.


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