Thursday, March 22, 2007

Therapy in China

My goal for my random adventure may seem like it was completely random, but it also involved helping out at home while my dad had knee surgery. My dad and I are quite similar in that personal needs can go ignored when there is a job to do. Once my father was finally pushed into getting his knee surgery, he immediately felt that he would be ready to go back to work. His progress is excellent, but one doesn't recover from something like that immediately, and here I am 2 weeks after the surgery at his work while he is in a meeting. My job, is to make sure that he does all of his physical therapy, and that he actually ices his knee and rests. It is quite fun staying at home again. I know what it is like to recover from surgery, and therapy is usually always skipped, reduced, put off, etc... Since there aren't therapists in this part of China, that is why I am here, and why I haven't been to consistent with the blog. As soon as things are better, I may take another trip within China. In any case, I will try and update the past articles a bit better, maybe improve the site, and add some more pictures.