Sunday, April 01, 2007

Random Adventure back on track

I am sitting in a cafe, with a beer and some Spring Rolls happy to report the Random Adventure is back on track. This morning, I went to the airport with my moms friends to see if I could get to Guilin. I have been helping out at home while my mom had friends visiting, and am happy to report that my dad is doing great after the knee opration. As my time in China is now limited to one week, I decided I wanted to go see Yangshuo, featured in Outside magazine this year. Anyway, I went to the airport with a backpack, bought a ticket at a counter, and soon found myself on a public bus, eating noodles and having a drink with a random, walking up a mountain for a view, and on a motorcycle tax on the way to try and hitch a ride on a boat by the river. I failed at that, as the government has regulated tourism so heavily here that it is virtually impossible to do that. I ended up skipping the boat, got back on the motorcycle, and had a great back roads journey through rice patties, wood drying places, and all sorts of beautiful scenery on my way to the enxt nearest major road, where the driver helped me flag down a bus and off I was.

I arrived in Yangshuo and looked into my bus home. Then I had some begetable dumplings, wandered about and realized this is where I need to be. Loads of biking, the climbing capital of China, and caving, kayaking, etc.. I found a room with a soft bed (very rare in china) for about $6, and started wandering again. Now I find myself in a cafe, having a drink waiting on a Spring Roll. W will soon get offline, read a bit of my latest book, and watch people wander by as I daydream.

Stay posted. In the next month I wil be in California, playing Softball in Mexico, giong to Colorado on my way to a wedding in Chicago, heading back to Chicago, and off to Europe. I am happy to report I am back. Sorry for the long delay. I will update and add pics soon.