Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Christmas - ish

Christmas eve and Christmas were spent with my roommate Andy, not doing a whole lot worth writing about, unless shuffleboard and pool in a bar is considered a festive Christmas. But after school and before Christmas, there were some fun little parties that let me be a real college student again. The pic below is of my beer pong (we won quite a lot) partner Patricia, who goes to school with me.
I also attended another party at my old work, which was a bit more formal. This is me and Emebet, who just moved to Atlanta and may have officially been my date for the party. It was nice to see everyone again, but I also felt a bit odd and out of place. I think if I actually still worked there, I may not have felt that way....

My friend Veronica invited me to another semi-formal Christmas / Holiday party, and it was very fun. I met a lot of people I didn't know, and there wasn't a dull moment. As you can see, they were prepared. I learned how to play a game called "flippy cup" which I had never played before. I guess as one grows up, you are always learning more.

Here is one of the hosts, Veronica, helping herself to some jello.

My friend Jim Kolbe, was gracious enough to let me use his cabin to relax at for a few days, down in Patagonia. The picture below is his patio, where I spent the evening grilling chicken, drinking beer, and smoking a cigar.

The property has a stream, and some incredible Cottonwood trees. The picture below features a huge hawk, which was evident even from far away.

I fell in love with this tree and took several pictures of it.
After my time at the cabin and in Tucson, I decided to take a short little adventure to California and Baja Mexico.


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