Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Crazy November, and Thanksgiving

The month of November was unusual. I had the opportunity to attend a NetImpact conference in Nashville, as well as go directly to the Greenbuild Expo in Chicago. Then, after a week of school, I headed to Denver to meet up with "family" for Thanksgiving.

This is my friend Courtney. She invited me to the NetImpact conference, which was very interesting. She also helped out with getting the funding approved, and we had some great nights out in Nashville, so we are pretty good buddies now. Before going to Chicago, I rented a car for a quick visit to Adam's place in Knoxville. It was good to see him, and casually mentioning Thanksgiving in Colorado had him booking a flight and joining us. We both used to play trumpet, but he can actually still play.
After Tennessee, I flew to Chicago. I was able to volunteer for the conference to get free admission. It was very interesting, and I met a lot of people and learned a lot. I also got to catch up with friends and family. Sommer (below right) let me stay at her place, and then my sister came to Chicago for some training, and we all went out one night.

At the conference, at an awards ceremony, I saw my old friend Emilie Hagen get an award for some up and coming green builder competition something or other. We were best buds when we studied in Germany, and it was great to see her. She had some friends visiting in Chicago, and we all met up for drinks. Of course, I couldn't just post a posed picture.

After getting back from Chicago, I had a crazy catch up week, and it was off to Colorado for a week of relaxing and hanging out with friends. Mike Adragna and Adam Doiron flew in, and we all (Heidi, Jeannie, Matt, Meghann, George) went to a condo in Winterpark. Just a relaxing weekend of cooking and all that is inolved with that, some board games, movies, and a night in town.

Above is Mike's only visit to the kitchen. I don't think he contributed much more than helping to empty that bottle. Probably better that way, as I doubt his food would have been eaten anyway.

This is the best picture I had of us all at the table. The food was excellent.
Immediately after dinner, and for much of the rest of the weekend, the area looked a lot more like this:
We did make it town. The below picture is significant, because it illustrates the door that was just behind me, blowing cold air on me everytime anyone wanted to go outside. As the evening went on, I became quite friendly with the passersby. There was even an accident which I may have instigated, but no need to go into details.

The evening became goofy, but no need to illustrate how. I will just show you how Adam and Meghann may have reacted to a buddy reunion.

Imagine, this man, if you can call him that, is a doctor.


At 8:22 PM, Blogger Mr. Riv said...

Emilie. You are a shining example of genetic perfection.

Xtoph. I miss you and your lack of concern for your welfare in the name of world exploration.


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