Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Heading back to Tucson

After getting back to the US, I still had the trip from Denver to Tucson. I hung out with my friend Heidi(on bike) in Colorado, and checked on the renters in Ft. Collins.

After that, I found a roadtrip buddy in Meghann McCormick. She just decided to come along and fly back from Phoenix, and was excellent company. First we headed to Telluride, a place I had never been, and was beautiful (below).

That evening, she tricked me into a game of foosball, and killed me, as she was captain of her college foosball team (they have those on the east coast). She is quite competitive I learned, and I promptly beat her at everything from pool to paper rock scissor. She promised to beat me as soon as a ping pong table was available.
We went for a drive up to a waterfall, which was full of fancy 4-wheelers. I thought the road was fine, until I got the car stuck, and we had to walk on.

Meghann was also a great contributor because of her exotic sandwiches. Ostrich, buffalo, etc... we had a cooler full from her work. Here she is, offering me up a tasty gourmet sandwich, voted Boulders best.

There were many views of Americana. There wasn't a dull moment.

Coming back into Arizona, there were the beautiful sunsets I had been missing. We ended up crashing at my friend Todd's house in Flagstaff, where I showed her how to play Ping Pong, in a crowded bar.

I ended up getting her to the Phoenix airport barely in time, and was soon back in Tucson.


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